Rennylea Kodak K522

Kodak was purchased by Hardhat Angus at the Rennylea 2016 Spring Bull Sale. He was selected due to his structural soundness and athletic movement. His extreme skeletal length and neck extension made him very appealing as a maternal… Continue reading

SAV Renown 3439

Brad first inspected Renown as a one year old at SAV. He offered many of the same attributes as his full brother Resource.
Renown offers added body length and marginally more frame then Resource. Hardhat Angus will offer Yearling bulls… Continue reading

SAV Resource 1441

Brad first saw Resource as a two year old in 2014. The visible muscle expression and natural thickness of Resource is something that needs to be seen to be believed.

His first drop of two year old bulls will sell… Continue reading

N Bar Emulation EXT


EXT is the most widely used sire in breed history born in 1986, with limited use in the Australian population. We regard him as the best cow making sire to date. Structurally sound, fertile, athletic females with… Continue reading

Sinclair Emulation XXP


Sinclair Emulation XXP is an intensely linebred son of N Bar Emulation EXT. He possesses all the traits of his legendary cow making sire with improve temperament. His extraordinary skeletal length was a clear observation the many times… Continue reading


Brad first observed Sinclair Grass Master in 2010 at Sinclair Cattle Co. We rate his N Bar Primrose Y3051 as one of the best angus females in the Angus breed history. Brad had the opportunity to evaluate many of her… Continue reading