Sinclair Emulation XXP


Sinclair Emulation XXP is an intensely linebred son of N Bar Emulation EXT. He possesses all the traits of his legendary cow making sire with improve temperament. His extraordinary skeletal length was a clear observation the many times we saw the bull from 2010- 2014.

XXP has the ability to produce daughters with perfect teat size and udder attachment. These daughters have an amazing ability to maintain body condition under limited nutrition. He is in the top 1% of the Angus breed for rump fat. His pedigree gives him great prepotentency and versatility within the Australian population.

XXP recently sired the world record selling bull SAV Elation 7899 at US$ 800,000

His dam N Bar Primrose Y3051 is also the dam of Sinclair Grass Master. N Bar Primrose Y3051 is the most influential cow in the Hardhat Herd. XXP and Grass Master will be used in our herd for generations to come, their ability to infuse maternal functionality and set type makes them highly valued.


Sinclair Emulation XXP – Pedigree