Kansas Annie Y21

Kansas Annie Y21 was purchased from the Kansas Angus 2011 Cow sale. We identified her as the best descendant of the imported embryo from Summitcrest Annie C022. This Annie cow family is now Angus royalty in the Hardhat herd. We rate the Annie’s equal to any cow family in Australia.
Kansas Annie Y21 soon became the calving ease and Carcass Matriarch of the Hardhat Herd.
Her flush to Sinclair Grass Master resulted is some of the best progeny of the Hardhat Angus program to date.

  • Hardhat GM Grass Range Y21 J518 who is now a herd sire at Myanga Angus. Included in ASBP Cohort
  • Hardhat GM Agronomist Y21 J516 was an AI Sire within our herd, Purchased by Matt Ryan. Included in ASBP Cohort 6.
  • Hardhat GM Jemalong Y21 J519, Purchased by Micheal Leonard.
  • Hardhat GM Grass King Y21 K15, had a cover bull career at Hardhat Angus, included in ASBP Cohort 7.
  • The females produced from this Sinclair Grass Master flush include, J506, J510, J532 and J541. All donor quality cows.

Kansas Annie Y21 was then flushed to N Bar Emulation EXT. This resulted in two of our best females. J536 and J511.
We are fortunate enough offer two sons of Y21 in our 2018 bull sale by Cherylton Stewie D19. These are genuine stud sire prospects.

Kansas Annie Y21 – Pedigree