Hardhat EXT Annie Y21 J536

Embryos-Donor Hardhat EXT Annie Y21 J511 (Full Sisiter to J536)



Hardhat EXT Annie J536 as her name suggests Is sired by the all time great cow making sire N Bar Emulation EXT. Recent genotype data confirmed EXT is the second most influential sire in the American Angus population. EXT is a result of a brother sister mating which gave him great prepotency as a breeding tool throughout the wider Angus population. EXT had limited use in the Australian Angus population.

The maternal heritage of Hardhat EXT Annie Y21 J536 traced back to an embryo imported from Summitcrest farms in Ohio. The Annie cow family became prominent following the Y series cows produced by Rob and Pam Crosby of Kansas Angus. These females sired by Bon View New Design 1407 and their decendants have been dispersed throughout the seedstock industry with great results. The original Hardhat Angus feature donor cow was Kansas Annie Y21, she became the calving ease and carcase matriarch of the Hardhat herd and would become our most influential cow.


We currently have embryos available out of Annie J536 by SAV Resource 1441, SAV Cutting Edge 4857, Sitz Response, Rennylea Kodak K522. Annie J536 raise Hardhat Michelin M56 also by SAV Resource 1441, this Bull was a standout amongst his contempories with an unprecedented amount of visible muscle.

M56 is our representative in the ASBP Cohort 8, we now are calving L series females to him and are excited about their future. He is a bull who structurally scored a front claw value of 5. Recently M56 sold to David and Louise Crawford from Reids Flat NSW, we are proud to partner them in this bull. Semen is available. Embryos by J536 have now been sold to WA and QLD, we look forward to their impact in these herds.


J536 with her calf below