N Bar Primrose Y3051 (A14)

N Bar Primrose Y3051 (known as A14) was one of the elite cows originating from the N Bar Ranch in Grass Range, Montana. Brad was able to tour the N Bar in 2010, he also experienced the greatness of the original N Bar cow herd the located with Sinclair Cattle Co. These cows were offered for sale September 2010 aged from 14-20 years of age. Many of these cows were sold to major studs throughout the US. Going on to continue the legacy left by the N Bar herd.
N Bar Primrose Y3051 was identified by Brad as the cow who would add the N Bar Genetics to the Hardhat Herd along with her sire EXT. Two sons of N Bar Primrose Y3051 were sourced, Sinclair Grass Master and Sinclair Emulation XXP.
Please add photos of Sinclair Emulation XXP and Sinclair Grass Master.
Sinclair Grass Master and Sinclair Emulation XXP have provided us with some magnificent cows all powered by the maternal greatness of N Bar Primrose Y3051.

N Bar Primrose Y3051 – Pedigree