Kansas Spice Girl Y97

Please include photo of Hardhat Spice girl J537 from Hightail file
Kansas Spice Girl Y97 was purchased from the Kansas Angus 2011 Cow sale. She soon became one of the most influential cows in the Hardhat herd primarily due to her great embryo production record as a donor. She was selected for two reasons when initially purchased – We had a great appreciation for the cow making ability of The Don W57 (Sire of Y97), and Y97 was a descendant of IDEAL 988 OF
692 6296 a cow bred by the Jorgensen Family in Ideal, South Dakota. Brad had experience with many Ideal prefix cattle while working at Sinclair Cattle Co and wanted to add them to the Hardhat Herd.
Kansas Spice Girl Y97 became a longevity and structural soundness matriarch of the Hardhat Herd. Her flush to Sinclair Emulation XXP left us with some of the best cows in the herd. She also produced some of our leading cows by Sinclair Grass Master and SAV Pioneer. Her daughters have formed the foundation of our herd and placed us in a great position with endless breeding options.
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Hardhat Spice girl J520 and Hardhat Spice girl J531

Kansas Spice Girl Y97 – Pedigree