Hardhat GM Annie Y21 J541

Embryos-Donor Hardhat EXT Annie Y21 J511 (Full Sisiter to J536)



Hardhat GM Annie Y21 J541 is a product of our famous flush combining Sinclair Grass Master with Kansas Annie Y21. We rate Kansas Annie Y21 and the Annie cow family among the best in the Australian Angus population. Y21 has been the calving ease and carcase matriarch of the Hardhat Angus herd. This flush produced our leading EMA sire Hardhat GM Grass Range Y21 J518 who is now at Myanga Angus. J541 is one of the many daughters in our herd from this flush, these females have placed our herd in a great position with many breeding options. J541 possesses great body mass and a bold forerib shape in a free moving package. These are the females suited to elite marbling sires.


We have embryos available by GAR Prophet, Deer Valley All In and Sitz Upward.